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Trakstar Support

Your favorite feature: Trakstar’s Support 

We take performance appraisals process off your desk and onto ours.
When you get busy with hiring, open enrollment and other activities in your busy HR world, Trakstar’s support resources will be a great relief.  From Quick Guides to Video Tutorials, help is just a click away.

Need a hand? Trakstar’s Video Tutorials are always available for managers, employees and Trakstar Administrators to learn Trakstar on their own time. Additionally, you can use Trakstar’s Video Tutorials to help orient new and current employees with Trakstar. You’ve got backup.

Need some help? This is a system you’ll feel good about. Trakstar’s help desk system allows you to submit help inquiries at Our support team is human and thoughtful, seeing your big picture and the small details at the same time. 

You’ll appreciate that our support team is there when you need them. Ask
a few questions or a lot of questions; you’ll be thrilled with the thorough
responses you’ll receive.

You can choose to have your training sessions recorded for playback, helping you
with new hires, promoted employees, or those who were unable to attend training.

If you would like to explore how Trakstar could work for your organisation, please contact us and we can provide you with further information or walk you through a system demonstration.